Fior & Gentz Expertmail August 2017

Dear Readers,

In today’s issue, you can read about the degree marking on our system stirrups. What is the function of this laser marking and the advantage for the orthotist? This EXPERTMAIL will give you a short overview.

With best regards from Lüneburg,
Your FIOR & GENTZ team

Degree Marking on System Stirrups

All of our system stirrups are marked with lines in the neck area. In combination with the line marked on the cover plate of the system joint, these lines allow the orthotist to read the joint angle. Thus, the individual normal posture determined while making the negative cast can be reproduced during the assembly of the joint.

If an adaptation of the orthosis’ alignment is necessary, the deviation from this normal posture can be read and documented with the aid of the degree markings.

You will find further information about the individual normal posture in our online tutorial Making the Negative Cast with e-Cast→  under 3 Determining the Ideal Position.

Checking the patient's posture

go directly to online tutorial→

The manual to each system ankle joint contains a table of degree markings providing information about the distances between the markings for the individual system widths.

You can download manuals in the Downloads section on F&G website.

If you have any questions, please contact F&G technical support or Ortopro.