Fior & Gentz Expertmail Februar 2018

Dear Readers,

In today’s issue, we present to you our updated online tutorial for producing a KAFO in Joint Lamination Technique.

Among these updates, you will find two innovations on our assembly/lamination dummies, which facilitate cutting out and cleaning the system joints when producing an orthosis: cutting lines and injection bores. In this EXPERTMAIL, you will learn about the advantages of these innovations.

With best regards from Lüneburg,
Your FIOR & GENTZ team

Online Tutorial: KAFO in Joint Lamination Technique

With the help of your feedback, we have substantially revised our production technique for producing a KAFO in Joint Lamination Technique and explained it in the online tutorial in more detail. The most important improvements are described in the following:

  • more concise bending of system stirrups in several steps;
  • more detailed views of reinforcement;
  • adapted recommendation for the use of aramid fibre fabric for the thigh area
  • dual profile core of the system string;
  • different way of pressing the system anchor against the joint’s upper part.

Furthermore, you will find the use of the cutting lines and injection bores of our assembly/lamination dummies in this online tutorial.

Online Tutorial
KAFO in Joint Lamination Technique

Cutting Lines on Assembly/Lamination Dummies

From now on, we deliver our assembly/lamination dummies with milled cutting lines. They allow cutting out our system joints with precision.

After you have removed the laminate on top of the assembly/lamination dummy, extend the cutting lines of the dummy onto the surrounding laminate with a pen. Cut out the system joints easily along the marked cutting lines.

These cutting lines are already on most of the offered assembly/lamination dummies of our system joints. Soon, the complete range of assembly/lamination dummies will be delivered in the new version.

Injection Bores in Assembly/Lamination Dummies

All assembly/lamination dummies, where spaces occur between the dummy and the system joint when producing an orthosis, were provided with injection bores.

Fill the spaces with insulating wax through the injections bores. By doing so, you prevent epoxy resin from getting in between the dummy and the system joint. This reduces the amount of work when cleaning the system joints later.


If you have any questions, please contact F&G technical support or Ortopro. We appreciate your feedback!