Fior & Gentz Expertmail November 2017

Dear Readers,

In today’s issue, we will discuss a new section on the FIOR & GENTZ website. From now on, publications on the subject of orthotics with focus on the lower extremity are available for download. This EXPERTMAIL will give you a short overview of this section.

With best regards from Lüneburg,
Your FIOR & GENTZ team

Publications Available for Download 

Publications are an important basis for the scientific communication within the general public and serve as a means to spread the new information and research results. For these reasons, we provide you with orthotics-related publications, which are available in the download section of our website.

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Professional articles, presentations and posters allow physicians, physiotherapists, biomechanics, our customers as well as all interested public a scientific view on the role and operating principles of orthoses. Furthermore, these publications focus on scientifically based arguments, which can support the justification for a high quality orthotic treatment in patients with neurological gait disorders.

Examples for topics discussed in the publications are the requirements orthoses should meet or the role of the classification of gait types for patients with neurological disorders. The publications of our scientific editorial will be soon accompanied by publications of other institutions with regard to the latest orthotics-related issues.

Example: Extract of Poster «Classification of Gait Pattern in Stroke Patients to Optimise Orthotic Treatment and Intersiciplinary Communication»

You can sort the documents by date of publication, title or indications and filter them by means of a specific keyword via the search function. By clicking on the desired row, you reach a summary. Here you can download the selected publication. Thus, you have quick access to all documents.

If you have any questions, please contact F&G technical support or Ortopro.