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New generation Silicone-Liner

Uniprox SoftSkin Liners

Uniprox SoftSkin Liners

Silicone liners have proven to be accepted as the world’s most successful suspension system. The quality and function of the Uniprox SoftSkin liners are known for more than ten years. Thanks to the unique progressive outside textile, in combination with the medical silicone, a huge number of satisfied amputees uses the SoftSkin liners. The very durable and progressive textile provides constant compression over the entire length of the residual limb. The special mesh structure at the distal end, minimizes elongation. What makes it unnecessary for the SoftSkin liners to have additional reinforce ments (matrix) inside the silicone.

SoftSkin Air®

The Breathable Liner – Tradition meets Innovation

The SoftSkin Air® Liner is the world’s first breathable Silicone Liner. Special micro pores in the silicone transport moisture (sweat) from the skin away through the liner wall. The results are a dryer skin and a lower temperature inside the liner. The additional effect is a better adhesion between the skin and the silicone to increase safety for the user. Not only patients with sweating problems benefit from the features of the SoftSkin Air® liner, the liner allows entrapped air to escape through the micro pores what reduces risks of blisters.

Features SoftSkin and SoftSkin Air® Liners

  • Use of medical silicone
  • Available in 19 sizes for customization
  • Unique functional and progressive outside texture
  • Reduction of elongation
  • Machine-washable (30°C)
  • Breathable (SoftSkin Air®)
  • Body moisture draining (SoftSkin Air®)
  • Available as Trans Tibial (BK) and Trans Femoral (AK) version
  • Available with or without distal connector

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