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P. Lamination Sleeve

Standard størrelser 41-46 cm lengde, konet, ikke kantet i topp og bunn. Også tilgjengelig i 53 cm.

  • X-small- Proksimal 23 cm / Distal 15cm ( barn/arm)
  • Small- Proksimal 30 cm/ Distal 18 cm (BK)
  • Medium- Proksimal 38 cm / Distal 20 cm (BK eller AK)
  • Large- Proksimal, 46 cm / Distal 23 cm ( AK )
  • XL-Proksimal 53 cm / Distal 25 cm ( ekstra stor)

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Freds Legs Inc.

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LS/XSProximal 23cm/Distal 15cm
LS/SProximal 30cm/Distal 18cm
LS/MProximal 38cm/Distal 20cm
LS/LProximal 46cm/Distal 23cm
LS/XLProximal 53cm/Distal 25cm

Tips for laminating SleeveArt® fabric onto a prosthetic socket or orthotic device

Perform your usual lay-up of Dacron felt (optional), then nyglass or similar, as usual. Then laminate the socket or device. Before you break out the plaster, rough up the outside with sandpaper. Now for the finishing layer: pull one white nylon sock or nyglass and the SleeveArt® fabric over the mold. Use a SleeveArt® laminating sleeve or wrap SleeveArt® fabric around the mold using «Spray 77» adhesive spray. Be sure to work out any wrinkles. Tie off each end. Apply your final PVA bag. Do not use a vacuum hose (nylon) as the final layer, SleeveArt should be your final layer. For a shiny finish, turn the PVA bag inside out before applying then laminate using a clear resin. Use a minimal amount of promoter (don’t set the resin off too fast). Be sure to draw down firmly to remove excess resin with a parachute cord or similar. DO NOT SET RESIN OFF TOO FAST. Slow it down to a 20-30 minute or so lamination. Do not use full suction on vacuum, try half suction. These instructions are vital for best results especially when using the shiny foil fabrics and our custom printed sleeves, because the inks are heat and pressure sensitive.

Please know that if you try to cut corners by doing a single step lamination, you may not be happy with your result